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From the November 2011 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

A police officer driving north in a blue Chevy Impala hit a 30-year-old Glover Park woman—and her dog—while they were crossing Wisconsin Ave. in the crosswalk at 35th St. on October 5, according to a police report. The woman was taken to George Washington University Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The incident is under investigation by the police department’s Major Crash Unit.

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The news blog Georgetown Patch has invited residents to submit photos and street addresses for a listing of unshoveled sidewalks in the area. The first entry: 2621 39th Street in Glover Park.

District law requires residents to clear snow and ice from sidewalks abutting their property within eight daylight hours of the end of each snowfall. But the law is tough to enforce: if you don’t shovel, all the city can do is shovel for you and then sue you for the cost (plus a $25 fine).

On February 9 at 10 a.m., the City Council’s Committee on Public Works and Transportation will hold a hearing on a bill that would make enforcement much easier, allowing municipal workers to issue $25 fines. We hear the bill faces strong opposition from residents of certain Northwest neighborhoods with larger lots than ours. Residents wishing to testify in support of bill—and of winter walkability for all District neighborhoods—can contact bill co-sponsor Mary Cheh, 202-724-8062 or mcheh@dccouncil.us.

Until the bill passes, you won’t get far by reporting shoveling scofflaws to the city. But now, at least you can rat them out to the Patch.

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FYI, there's a city-owned cut-through at 37th and Tunlaw, but it's blocked off.From the November 2009 Glover Park Gazette:

The Northeast Passage is back, and it smells like pumpernickel. Ever since Glover Park’s two-sided Blockbuster store closed in 2007, thus shutting off a convenient shortcut to the commercial strip, shoppers from 37th Street and beyond have been forced to walk south to W Place or north to Pearson’s and then double back on Wisconsin Avenue—a detour that can add 1/3 of a mile to a round trip.

Now managers at the Bruegger’s Bagels at 2334 Wisconsin, which took over part of the old Blockbuster space, have confirmed that the much-missed shortcut is open again. Staffers don’t object to thru traffic, one manager joked to us, “as long as you say ‘hi’ as you go past.”

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