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2136 to 2140 Wisconsin AveFrom the May 2013 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

The vacant lot at 2140 Wisconsin Ave. (a few doors up from Café
Romeo’s) will become a “very nice, top-of-the-line” condominium
building within a year, according to local developer Zak
Elyasi. The lot—hidden for years behind a construction fence—was
recently purchased by Elyasi’s parents, Abdul and Ramzia Elyasi of
Greensboro, North Carolina. Son Zak, managing member of Raz Development,
says plans are in the works to construct a residential building
that may include ground-floor commercial space. The development
group hopes to begin foundation work within the next month or two
and complete the building in the spring of 2014.

The family recently completed a project in Columbia Heights that
yielded two spacious luxury condo units, Zak says. Asked whether the
Glover Park building’s façade would be as close to the sidewalk as its
blocky beige neighbor at 2136 Wisconsin Ave., he replied that while
final plans have not yet been drawn, “it’s going to look nicer than that
beige building.”

The lot’s previous owner, Davar Ashgrizzadeh—who also owns
Café Romeo’s—bought the property in 2008 for $995,000 and sold it on
March 22 for $1,250,000, according to city land records.

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From the May 2013 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

Last month we reported that the Tennis Zone building (2319
Wisconsin Ave.) was seeking a retail tenant. But that doesn’t mean the
tennis store is leaving, says Remy Esquenet, who bought the property
in January for $1.2 million. (If Esquenet’s name sounds familiar, it
might be because he also owns 2317 Wisconsin Ave., the home of Sprig
& Sprout.) Esquenet hopes to expand the building to accommodate a
second tenant. Tennis Zone “may stay where they are,” Esquenet tells
us. “They may move up to the second floor.”

Esquenet provided architectural sketches of front and side views for a potential expansion.

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Jonah’s Treehouse (2121 Wisconsin Ave.) is scheduled to close at the end of April, according to an April 14 letter to clients from owner Vicki Gersten. The structured play center for tots was founded “when our son Jonah was three,” Gersten wrote to parents and friends. Now, with Jonah in middle school and his two younger siblings in elementary school, “I find myself immersed in kids’ activities and increasingly ready for the next phase of my career,” she wrote. Classes will continue through April 30, according to the letter. Gersten, who has accepted a job as assistant head of the Feynman School, a private elementary school in Bethesda, did not respond to a phone call requesting comment.

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Reposted from the Glover Park Yahoo newsgroup:

This is FYI to those living in Glover Park. Stoddert Elementary’s annual school fundraiser, the Big Chili is scheduled for this Saturday night at the Josephine Butler House (2437 15th St NW, overlooking Meridian Hill) from 7-10pm. Principal Pride has put up a parking space for the silent auction. This is an off-street parking spot available to ANYONE in the community to use for 1-year. The space will be assigned to the winning bidder.

In order to bid you need to attend the auction. You can purchase tickets on the school website here. Alternatively, if you know a Stoddert parent attending the event, you can ask them to bid on your behalf!

This is from the auction catalogue:

Stoddert Elementary School Parking Space

Living in Glover Park with a car and no off-street parking is a nightmare! Circling the block late at night or hauling groceries 3 blocks is downright irritating. Stop the madness! The winning bidder will have his/her very own marked parking space in the Stoddert parking lot available 24/7 for the next 12 months (May 2013-April 2014). You need not be a Stoddert parent to win this auction item; it is open to anyone in the community.


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515e43e8e4b0daad6e7c6a5eBalance Gym co-founder Graham King has a new venture at the Savoy Suites Hotel (2505 Wisconsin Ave.): Roam Fitness, an indoor/outdoor training gym. “Our motto, Fitness Without Boundaries, stems from the belief that health and wellness should not be confined to the four walls of a gym,” King tells us. “Our signature program ‘OutRun’ gets people out of the gym and into DC’s open spaces like Rock Creek Park, the Tow Path, Roosevelt Island, etc. We never take the same route, and we incorporate the obstacles we find along the way into the workout. For example, in a 4-mile run we will stop along the way for pushups, pullups, squats…and stump jumping.” Inside the hotel, a new gym facility features free weights and cardio machines as well as functional fitness equipment such as sandbags, hurdles, kettlebells, and gymnastic rings, King says.

Monthly gym memberships start at $50, and individual classes cost $25 each. But Roam Fitness is currently offering free trial memberships that last through the end of May and include unlimited classes. To sign up, click here.

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On April 22 starting at 3 p.m., Whole Foods (2323 Wisconsin Ave.) will give a free reusable bag to its first 300 shoppers. Inside 30 of those bags will be an extra surprise: a gift card worth up to $25. The bags are one to a customer, available while supplies last.

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Yoga District is opening a “new little neighborhoody Glover Park street studio” at 2201 Wisconsin Ave. in May, according to the Georgetown Patch. The building is currently home to Hair Lounge Salon, Natuzzi Italia, and Ligne Roset.

The local five-studio chain offers affordable, community-based classes as well as a work-study program. From its website: “Each Yoga District studio is run by community members from the studio’s surrounding neighborhood. These community members volunteer 4 hours a week doing anything from providing legal advice to washing cups, from watering plants to signing in students. These volunteers are the backbone of Yoga District. They are a huge reason why Yoga District is able to offer yoga to DC for $10 or less for more than five years.” For more information on this program, visit yogadistrict.com.

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