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It's the big tan blob in the middleFrom the October 2009 Glover Park Gazette:

At 2136 Wisconsin, the heat is on … but so is the party. While creditors, neighbors, and city officials press to shut down Glover Park’s loudest unlicensed night spot—the awkward tan renovation near Monarch Paints—the building’s tenant continues to host all-night, all-you-can-drink events for hundreds of paying guests. The latest bash, slated for September 19 (tragically after our deadline), was billed on one website as an “exclusive networking extravaganza” complete with fashion show, DJs, and, of course, an open bar, all for $25. [Click here for promotional video.] The building has none of the licenses and permits required for such an event, city officials say.

Strangely, we were not invitedAt press time [i.e., mid-September], the police and license enforcement agencies were poised to swoop down on the party [invitation at left]. By now, David Cameron—who owns the property through a corporation called “2136 Wisconsin, LLC”—may have a bunch of fines to pay. But fines could seem like small potatoes to Cameron, who is struggling to hold onto the property. A recent appraisal set the building’s value at $2.7 million, but Cameron’s corporation is nearly $3.5 million in debt on a mortgage that came due in June, 2008. This summer, Cameron agreed to sign the property over to the mortgage company, Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union, to satisfy that debt, according to a legal pleading filed by Mid-Atlantic. Representatives of 2136 Wisconsin, LLC were scheduled to sign the papers on June 30, 2009, but they never showed up.

Instead, two of 2136 Wisconsin, LLC’s other creditors—an architect and a cabinetmaker—filed suit that day to force the corporation into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. That action automatically created a “stay,” or freeze, on trying to collect the corporation’s debts or foreclose on the property. In a mid-July motion to lift this stay, Mid-Atlantic implied that Cameron may have encouraged the bankruptcy filing after having “a change of heart” over giving up the building. A hearing on whether to lift the stay was scheduled for September 15 (again, tragically after our deadline). Still with us? OK, then. Cameron also hadn’t been paying taxes on the property, so it was scheduled to be sold for back taxes at a government auction. But according to online city records, on July 2—that is, two days after the bankruptcy filing—someone paid about $75,000 $57,000 in taxes on the building, which got it off the auction block.

We couldn’t reach Cameron for comment, so we couldn’t ask him our most burning question: Why in the world didn’t he just unload this building in June?


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What, you say there's another local NFL franchise?From the October 2009 Glover Park Gazette:

Maybe your spouse is allergic to football. Maybe you’re too cheap for ESPN. Maybe you’re at loose ends since your Ravens-watching buddy Harry got shipped to Kosovo … or maybe that’s just us. Oh all right, here you go.No matter why you need a place to watch NFL games, the commercial strip has a spot for you.

Bourbon has 5 screens upstairs and two downstairs. Big Redskins bar. Comcast coverage, including the NFL Network. Sound is on upstairs, but downstairs may switch to music, depending on the time and crowd. 2348 Wisconsin.

Breadsoda has 4 normal-size screens and two jumbo screens. Had Comcast at press time but was working on satellite coverage. During Monday Night Football, manager Tony Radwan sets up an old junior high school desk and chalkboard so patrons can play paper football, with “safety goggles for field goal attempts,” he says. 2233 Wisconsin.

Gin & Tonic has 6 plasma screens with full NFL and NCAA coverage. Big on SEC games. $20 open beer and Bloody Mary bar, 11 am -4 pm Saturday and noon-5 pm Sunday. $7 pitchers 4-9 pm Saturday and 5-9 pm Sunday. 2408 Wisconsin.

Kavanagh’s has 5 screens, including one large flat screen, and carries ESPN, ESPN2, and the NFL Network. Most popular teams are Redskins, Eagles, Penn State, and Maryland. Bar food specials and select $3 drafts during games. 2400 Wisconsin.

Kitchen has two screens downstairs and one upstairs. Locally broadcast games, ESPN. Big on SEC games. 2404 Wisconsin.

Surfside has two screens downstairs and two screens on the roof deck. All Redskins games plus some other NFL and college games. There’s a new bar on the roof, and owner David Scribner is adding side flaps to the tents and bringing in propane heaters to extend the outdoor-football-viewing season. 2444 Wisconsin.

Town Hall has 7 HDTV screens and access to every televised NFL and NCAA game. Most popular teams here are Redskins, Saints, Titans, Eagles, Patriots, and Panthers, “but we do our best to accommodate any patron’s request” says managing partner Paul Holder. Open for brunch both Saturday and Sunday. $2 Bud Lights till 5 pm on weekends. 2218 Wisconsin.

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From the October 2009 Glover Park Gazette:

Good news for frugal ghouls: Kavanagh’s at 2400 Wisconsin will serve free kids’ meals to children aged 12 and under on Halloween—provided they come to dinner in full costume. Just a mask won’t cut it, says co-owner Lee Abbott: “We take costumes seriously!”

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We vote for sporting goodsFrom the October 2009 Glover Park Gazette:

We recently got new insight into why the Fan Fair and Vespa spaces at 2233 Wisconsin are still vacant after nearly a year. This summer, an established D.C. business had been curious about the adjacent storefronts, which can be combined into one. They placed “three or four” calls to the phone number printed on “for rent” placards in the windows, and never heard back. The business’s representative spoke on condition of anonymity.

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From the October 2009 Glover Park Gazette:

There’s a new celebuchef in town: Kitchen at 2404 Wisconsin has hired Alex McCoy, recently seen on the short-lived NBC reality series The Chopping Block. McCoy, formerly chef and manager of Georgetown’s Rugby Café, has updated and lightened Kitchen’s menu, which now features only fresh ingredients, nothing frozen. The restaurant’s sister (brother?) tavern, Gin & Tonic at 2408 Wisconsin, has a new menu as well, served up from the Kitchen kitchen. Both menus are inspired by the cuisine of Southern Mississippi, where McCoy, a Washington native, spent summers and holidays as a child.

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Dare we hope for Thai?

From the October 2009 Glover Park Gazette:

Mama Maria’s at 2313 Wisconsin may soon be the home of a new food-service establishment, according to an attorney for the owners, the Tropea family. Though no lease had been signed at press time, the owners were in serious negotiations with an established local chain seeking to add a Glover Park location. Such a tenant would be a victory for neighbors who opposed a plan by Good Guys, the strip club next door at 2311 Wisconsin, to expand into the long-vacant storefront. Last year, in order to win a liquor license renewal, club owner Ben Zangeneh agreed not to pursue his expansion plans.

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Glover Park Hardware at 2251 Wisconsin is giving away new 9-volt batteries in exchange for old ones in honor of National Fire Prevention Week. Through October 10, they’ll recycle the old battery from your smoke alarm and give you a new one at no charge. Just bring your old battery to the store in plastic bag.

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