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Reposted from the Glover Park Yahoo newsgroup:

This is FYI to those living in Glover Park. Stoddert Elementary’s annual school fundraiser, the Big Chili is scheduled for this Saturday night at the Josephine Butler House (2437 15th St NW, overlooking Meridian Hill) from 7-10pm. Principal Pride has put up a parking space for the silent auction. This is an off-street parking spot available to ANYONE in the community to use for 1-year. The space will be assigned to the winning bidder.

In order to bid you need to attend the auction. You can purchase tickets on the school website here. Alternatively, if you know a Stoddert parent attending the event, you can ask them to bid on your behalf!

This is from the auction catalogue:

Stoddert Elementary School Parking Space

Living in Glover Park with a car and no off-street parking is a nightmare! Circling the block late at night or hauling groceries 3 blocks is downright irritating. Stop the madness! The winning bidder will have his/her very own marked parking space in the Stoddert parking lot available 24/7 for the next 12 months (May 2013-April 2014). You need not be a Stoddert parent to win this auction item; it is open to anyone in the community.


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From the June 2011 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

The rooftop parking lot at CVS (2226 Wisconsin Ave.) is closed until further notice, according to Mike DeAngelis, director of public relations for the drugstore chain. “We are making extensive repairs to the lot to prevent roof leaks among other issues,” he writes in an email. “At this time, we do not have an estimated completion date.”

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From the February 2010 Glover Park Gazette:

Starting today, Surfside at 2444 Wisconsin offers its patrons free evening and weekend parking in the Wachovia Bank lot near the restaurant’s 37th Street entrance. Designated spots in the lot are reserved for Surfside customers until midnight every night, starting at 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday; at 6 pm Friday; and at noon Saturday and Sunday.

But watch where you park: three spaces in the lot are still reserved for patrons of Rocklands Barbeque at 2418 Wisconsin round the clock.

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