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Shining Stars Montessori Academy has reversed a decision to move to Glover Park this year, the Northwest Current reports. The public charter school, which earlier this month announced an imminent move from Columbia Heights to 2461 Wisconsin Ave., will instead sublease part of a school building in Northeast. Shining Stars’s hoped-for Glover Park location is a vacant corner building owned by the International Union of Operating Engineers.

According to Current reporter Brady Holt, “Shining Stars representatives said that [the move to Glover Park] fell through due to the union’s liability concerns,” but that the school still aims to lease the corner building later on. “The school is currently working with a prospective buyer of 2461 Wisconsin, who would in turn grant it a 10-year lease of the space,” Holt writes.

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Shining Stars Montessori Academy, a public charter school, has signed a 10-year lease on 2461 Wisconsin Ave., according to an emailed announcement from Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3B. The vacant building is the former home of the International Union of Operating Engineers, which is trying to sell the building.

The school, which is relocating from 1328 Florida Ave., currently serves children ages 3–7, the ANC’s email states. According to the school’s website, though, Shining Stars plans to eventually offer a full elementary program. ANC3B, the Glover Park Citizens’ Association, and the ANC from Massachusetts Avenue Heights will meet with school officials on Wednesday to learn about the school’s plans for drop-off and pick-up, teacher parking, use of the Guy Mason playground, and other relevant issues.

According to the ANC’s email, there will be a hearing about this relocation at the August 18 regularly scheduled meeting of the Public Charter School Board at 7:30 p.m. at the PCSB offices, 3333 14th St NW, Suite 210. Public comments can be submitted via public.comment@dcpcsb.org. The ANC also invites public comments to its email address, info@anc3b.org. “To the best of our knowledge, there is no approval needed by anyone for a charter school to relocate wherever it wishes,” the ANC’s email states, “but we would like to know your thoughts so we can try to resolve any issues before they arise.”

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“The D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation has revised its plans to overhaul the playground at Guy Mason Recreation Center [3600 Calvert St.] in response to community feedback,” reports George Altshuler in the Georgetown Current. Equipment built by volunteers in 2008 to honor the late Lyles Parachini of Davis Street will now be preserved in the upcoming renovation, Altshuler writes. In addition, the construction will create better stroller access to the park, which sits next to Wisconsin Ave., down a huge flight of steps. The city will present its final design for the Guy Mason playground at 6:30 p.m. March 12, according to the Current.

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The Guy Mason Recreation Center (3600 Calvert St.) playground will soon be renovated, the Northwest Current reports. On November 15, Mayor Vincent Gray announced that one million dollars in city funds had been allocated for upgrades to the tot lot. The effort is part of a District upgrade initiative called “Play DC”; a total of 40 playgrounds either have been or will be renovated under the program, the Current reports.

Though plans for Guy Mason’s play area have not yet been created, Dan Melman, president of the nonprofit Friends of Guy Mason booster group, told the paper that improvements might include equipment for older kids and better physical accessibility for all.

DPR will hold three community meetings to gather citizen input into the playground’s design, according to a notice posted on the Glover Park Yahoo newsgroup. The first of these is scheduled for Wednesday, December 18 at 6:30 p.m. at Guy Mason.

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Jonah’s Treehouse (2121 Wisconsin Ave.) is scheduled to close at the end of April, according to an April 14 letter to clients from owner Vicki Gersten. The structured play center for tots was founded “when our son Jonah was three,” Gersten wrote to parents and friends. Now, with Jonah in middle school and his two younger siblings in elementary school, “I find myself immersed in kids’ activities and increasingly ready for the next phase of my career,” she wrote. Classes will continue through April 30, according to the letter. Gersten, who has accepted a job as assistant head of the Feynman School, a private elementary school in Bethesda, did not respond to a phone call requesting comment.

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This just in from the Glover Park Yahoo newsgroup:

Saturday April 13th!

Friends of Guy Mason Rec Center and Playground is hosting an afternoon EXTRAVAGANZA on Saturday, April 13th from 12:30pm to 3pm.

Featuring (for kids and adults):

— A high-flying, board-breaking, karate-chopping, black belt enter-the-dragon type demonstration by KICKS KARATE
— Little girl manicures by HEADS AND NAILS
— Free MAX’s ICE CREAM (while supplies last)
— And a DC FIRETRUCK with DC’s Finest Firemen (and maybe a water canon demonstation, too!)


Also on Saturday the 13th, we are having a small park and playground cleanup at 8am with coffee and bagels…if you like the park, use the playground, stop by for a little light work to help keep the playground clean. We hope to see you then!

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A contributor to the “I Saw Your Nanny” blog reports having witnessed a disturbing scene at Guy Mason this morning: a nanny responsible for a little girl allowed the child to wander into harm’s way near the swing set and then treated her carelessly on the swings. “She just dropped your daughter into the swing without properly getting her legs through the holes of the swing, which looked unsafe,” the contributor writes in an open letter to the child’s parents. “When she took her out of the swing, she did it so roughly that your daughter’s leg got smacked on the hard rim of the swing, and the nanny did not apologize.”

The nanny in question has black hair and speaks Spanish. The child is a 2- or 3-year-old girl with white-blond hair that’s usually worn in a ponytail with bangs clipped to the side. She favors pink dresses “that look like they came straight out of ‘The Magic Wardrobe’ shop window,” according to the contributor, and her stroller is a tan-seated Stokke Xplory model.

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