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From the December 2010 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

The new mural on the side of the Sushi Ko building at 2309 Wisconsin was inspired by a Japanese folk tale, says its creator, Georgetown resident Zachary Velazquez. “It was important for me to bring in content that was relevant to Japanese food or culture, but at the same time I didn’t want to paint a typical or overused concept,” says Velazquez, who recently earned a degree in studio art from New York University.

The story of Tamamo no Mae, the Jewel Maiden, involves an old, evil fox that transforms itself into a beautiful woman. The woman gets close to the Japanese emperor and saps his power, until a fortuneteller discovers her true identity, at which point the maiden turns back into a fox. In one version of the story, the fox is killed; in another, it turns into a death stone that kills anyone who touches it.

The Sushi Ko mural is based on a number of old woodblock prints depicting this legend, as well as other source material, Velazquez says. The work—which was scheduled for completion in mid-November—will be his second mural; the first is inside Georgetown’s Baked & Wired (1052 Thomas Jefferson Street).

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