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In lieu of—or, ideally, in advance of—fines, the District today announced a public awareness campaign to encourage compliance with the law that requires residents to shovel snow from their sidewalks.

The campaign’s message, “Is your sidewalk shoveled?” appears on this poster of a mother forced to push her baby’s stroller in the street. To request a high resolution copy of the poster, email ddot.communications@dc.gov.

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From the March 2010 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

February’s double-whammy of blizzards may have shut down D.C.’s roads, schools, and offices, but many Glover Park restaurants did a gangbusters business all week. Kitchen at 2404 Wisconsin was open throughout the storms and “very busy,” according to co-owner Fritz Brogan. “We served a special ‘blizzard’ food and drink menu and kept our new fireplace roaring,” he says.

At Old Europe at 2434 Wisconsin, says proprietor Alex Herold, business was a bit slower than normal, but better than anticipated. The restaurant closed on Sunday, February 7, and it is always closed on Mondays, but otherwise, Old Europe was open, with fresh game on the specials menu and German beer flowing. Like Brogan, Herold personally drove some snowbound employees to and from work.

And Town Hall at 2218 Wisconsin had “an exceptionally busy week, our busiest week on record by far,” says managing partner Paul Holder. “Our busiest day was Saturday the 6th, but the whole stretch was like having seven Saturdays in a row.” Not only did Holder pick up and deliver some employees to work, he lodged others at the Holiday Inn at 2101 Wisconsin. Town Hall opened early on several weekdays for lunch, a meal usually only available there on weekends.

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