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From the September 2015 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

Glover Park may soon be welcoming a new business at 2319 Wisconsin Ave., but its current tenant, Tennis Zone, is not leaving, owner Ravi Shankar tells us. Although the building currently sports a “for rent” banner, “we are staying here, but we’re moving upstairs,” Shankar says. The storefront’s second floor is currently vacant. Landlord Remy Esquenet did not respond to requests for comment.

Tennis Zone now offers yoga wear as well as tennis equipment. At press time, the shop was planning to run a $20-off sale on women’s yoga and lifestyle apparel in September.

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From the May 2013 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

Last month we reported that the Tennis Zone building (2319
Wisconsin Ave.) was seeking a retail tenant. But that doesn’t mean the
tennis store is leaving, says Remy Esquenet, who bought the property
in January for $1.2 million. (If Esquenet’s name sounds familiar, it
might be because he also owns 2317 Wisconsin Ave., the home of Sprig
& Sprout.) Esquenet hopes to expand the building to accommodate a
second tenant. Tennis Zone “may stay where they are,” Esquenet tells
us. “They may move up to the second floor.”

Esquenet provided architectural sketches of front and side views for a potential expansion.

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Remy Esquenet, the primary owner of 2317 Wisconsin Ave., is suing his former business partner for full ownership of the building, the City Paper reports. The storefront, soon to be home of Sprig & Sprout Vietnamese restaurant, is one of several that Esquenet owns with the former partner, Jeremy Landsman, a Baltimore developer who pled guilty in June to involvement in a marijuana trafficking ring. The two men went into business together in 2011, shortly after Landsman—unbeknownst to Esquenet—had been indicted under seal. “It’s a crazy story,” Esquenet told the paper.

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From the May 2012 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

The vacant storefront at 2317 Wisconsin Ave., next door to Tennis Zone, has been leased to District Noodles, a restaurant that will specialize in Vietnamese cuisine, says co-owner Jennifer Hoang, who is launching the business with her fiancé, Marc Farmer. “We will be there every day—this is our first restaurant!” Hoang reports.

The menu will feature the rice-noodle soup called pho and French-bread sandwiches called bánh mì, as well as vermicelli and rice bowl dishes, Hoang says. On April 17, the restaurant applied for a full-service (CR) liquor license—one of two that became available that day under an extension of the Glover Park license moratorium. (As of late Friday, no one had applied for the other new CR license, according to a spokesman for the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration.)

Though no structural changes are planned for the building, the interior needs to be renovated before the restaurant can open, says landlord Remy Esquenet: “It’ll probably be a four- to six-month buildout.”

Photograph by Brown W. Cannon III

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From the April 2012 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

2317 Wisconsin Ave., the former site of Margarita’s Restaurant, has a new owner—and it should soon have a new tenant. Remy Esquenet, a local real estate investor, bought the property on March 19 and hoped to lease it within a week, he told us shortly after the closing. “I’ve been speaking with some local restaurant-type tenants who are interested in the space,” he said. “If I can’t work something out with one of them, I’ll probably expand the first floor” to the rear to make the tiny storefront more attractive to national tenants.

A graduate of American University law school, Esquenet, 41, says he’s in Glover Park for the long haul. “I intend to own the building when I’m 80.” Esquenet owns several other small retail properties in the District, and he’s looking for more space in Glover Park, he says: “If you know someone who would like to sell their property and is looking for a good buyer, I’m a good buyer.”

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