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From the May 2009 Glover Park Gazette:

Provideo at 2428 Wisconsin is dead; long live Custom TV Solutions at 2428 Wisconsin. “We had a long, good run,” says Matt Foley, one of two co-owners of the TV store, which closed on March 28 after 30 years in business. “We were another small retailer killed by the Internet.” While Provideo was able to match the prices at local big-box stores, Foley explains, he could not compete with online vendors: “They have it for my cost. So that’s the end of the road.”

Now, Foley is focusing on the part of his business that the Internet can’t replace: design and installation of audio and video systems. As sole owner of Custom TV Solutions, Foley can set up home theaters and office conference rooms, as well as automated lighting and window shade controls, security cameras, and other technology. The old Provideo retail space has become a showroom for this new venture. “Walk right in,” Foley says.

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