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Town Hall (2340 Wisconsin Ave.) invites dogs (and their owners) to enjoy dinner and/or drinks alfresco in the restaurant’s rear courtyard on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, says managing partner Paul Holder. The patio space is accessible via the pedestrian alley between Town Hall and Chipotle (2338 Wisconsin Ave.).

Tuesday night is still half-price wine night at Town Hall, Holder adds.

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From the December 2011/January 2012 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

Town Hall will unveil its new location at 2340 Wisconsin Ave. by hosting a New Year’s Eve bash in the newly renovated space, says co-owner Paul Holder. The restaurant will continue doing business at its current location, 2218 Wisconsin Ave., through Sunday, January 8, he adds. Its new location, the former home of Blue Ridge restaurant, will open for regular business during the second week of January. Holder had no information for us on the future of his current location. Earlier, he told us the Town Hall ownership group would either sell to another restaurateur or open a different restaurant in the spot itself.

Town Hall’s New Year’s Eve event features a full open bar, a gourmet buffet, and “silly amounts of party favors,” according to the invitation. Tickets cost $110; to buy them, visit townhalldc.eventbrite.com.

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From the November 2011 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

Town Hall is still moving from its current home at 2218 Wisconsin Ave. to 2340 Wisconsin Ave., the former home of Blue Ridge, but the move won’t happen this month, as initially planned, says Town Hall managing partner Paul Holder. “Initial target dates are always ambitious,” he explains. “There’s always a few surprises once you actually get in the space.” The big move should happen “closer to the end of the year,” he adds. Holder had no word on the future of Town Hall’s current space.

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From the May 2010 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

After winning a costly and hard-fought campaign to serve alcohol on a future rooftop deck, the owners of Town Hall at 2218 Wisconsin seem to have abandoned their plan to actually build the deck.

In spring 2009, the restaurant overcame the noise fears of near neighbors and secured Alcoholic Beverage Control Board approval to provide table service in a rooftop garden. Town Hall submitted deck construction plans to the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs last May, but according to DCRA spokeswoman Shana Kemp, “the applicant never came in to pick up the plans (which have been ready since late August) to address some concerns noted by fire and zoning [departments].” Changes requested by the fire department included enclosing one stairway and relocating a door.

Would these changes have raised the project’s cost beyond what made business sense for Town Hall? Hard to say, as managing partner Paul Holder declines to comment on the matter.

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