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From the September 2015 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3B has filed a protest against a planned roof deck at the Savoy Suites Hotel (2505 Wisconsin Ave.). The ANC will withdraw its protest if the hotel reaches a compromise agreement with neighbors, according to commissioner Jackie Blumenthal.
The planned deck, which would have a seating capacity of 136, is part of an ongoing renovation that will end with the hotel being renamed “The Glover Park Hotel.” Near neighbors have raised concerns about the deck’s potential to create late-night noise and parking problems. The Savoy has been negotiating with neighbors to establish rules for the deck that would address their concerns, but at press time, no compromise had been reached.

The rooftop deck at Surfside (2444 Wisconsin Ave.) operates under a voluntary agreement that stipulates it must be closed by midnight, and any music must be recorded, unamplified, and inaudible outside of the premises. The ANC argues that any new rooftop deck in the neighborhood should not be allowed to stay open later or play louder music. (Two other establishments, Mason Inn at 2408 Wisconsin Ave. and Mad Fox Tap Room at 2218 Wisconsin Ave., are allowed to serve alcohol on rooftop decks, but neither of those decks has been built.)

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From the May 2015 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

The Mason Inn (2408 Wisconsin Ave.) will not be moving into the vacant JP’s Lounge building (2412 Wisconsin Ave.) after all, we hear. Talks between the Mason Inn’s owners and their landlords—who own both properties—about the potential move have ended without a deal.

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From the February 2015 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

On January 5, a judge ordered that the liquor license for JP’s Lounge (2412 Wisconsin Ave.) be turned over to the federal government as part of a plea deal in a cocaine trafficking case. The defendant, Lawrence Carl Nelson, pled guilty of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and of being a felon in possession of a firearm. Nelson, a co-owner of the license, is believed to have bankrolled the club’s 2012 purchase by a partnership known as The Vice Group. Also seized by the feds was a $1 million promissory note from The Vice Group to Nelson, according to the judge’s order.

The strip club was evicted from its building last July for nonpayment of rent, and the building has been vacant since then. The landlords found the original liquor license on the premises and turned it over to the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration for safekeeping.

Meanwhile, the club’s former owner, Michael Papanicolas, is suing The Vice Group and its spokesman, Paul Kadlick, for breach of contract. Papanicolas claims he is owed at least $375,000 from the 2012 sale. There was a hearing on the case held January 9, but no defendants showed up. Another hearing has been scheduled for March 27.

As for the building, the owners of The Mason Inn (2408 Wisconsin Ave.) are in talks to move to the larger JP’s space. Although neither the landlords nor the Mason Inn owners are talking publicly about the negotiations, the Georgetown Current has reported that the Mason Inn owners are interested in purchasing the building.

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The Mason Inn (2408 Wisconsin Ave.) has already declared its allegiance as a Baltimore Ravens bar. Now Mayfair and Pine (2218 Wisconsin Ave.) has announced via Twitter that its staff will be rooting for the San Francisco 49ers during today’s big game. May the better team (i.e., the Ravens) win!

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A late-night fight outside Max’s Best Ice Cream (2416 Wisconsin Ave.) has resulted in charges against Mason Inn (2408 Wisconsin Ave.). Shortly before 1 a.m. on October 20, an Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration investigator came across the fight between a Mason Inn bouncer and a male patron of the bar, according to the investigator’s report. While the investigator watched and took photographs, the bouncer lifted the patron off the ground, pushed his head, and kicked him, the report states. Mason Inn staff told the investigator that the patron had been caught doing drugs in the bathroom, and that while being removed from the club, the patron had punched the bouncer in the nose, according to the report.

The report asserts that the Mason Inn violated its security plan, because staffers did not call the police when the altercation escalated. It also asserts that it violated its Voluntary Agreement by failing to keep the front door closed; failing to disperse sources of noise in front of its premises; failing to ensure the security of patrons; and failing to call police when deemed necessary by security staff. Representatives of The Mason Inn will meet with ABRA staff to discuss a settlement of the case.

In other Mason Inn news: shortly after midnight on January 11, a young woman placed her leather wallet on a table at the bar. About an hour later, she noticed it was missing. On the evening of January 21, a young woman left her purse unattended on a table there. When she returned, the purse and its contents were gone. The police have no suspects in either case.

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For Profit, a stage play by and starring Ohio actor Aaron Calafato, will be performed at Mason Inn (2408 Wisconsin Ave.) on Friday, May 11, at 6 p.m. The play—a dramatic monologue in the style of Mike Daisey or the late Spalding Gray—is based on Calafato’s troubling experiences as a recruiter for a for-profit university.

In the sales job, Calafato was pressured to enroll “poorly prepared students for expensive degree programs that would leave them heavily in debt, all so he could make sure he himself had money he needed to keep paying off his own student loans,” writes the Chronicle of Higher Education. The play examines the morality of for-profit higher education. “Profit is great,” Calafato told the Chronicle. But “I’m trying to talk about a message: For-profit at what cost?”

Tickets for the play, which cost $13.59 each, are available online at forprofit-srch.eventbrite.com.

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From the May 2012 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

The ABC Board has fined Mason Inn (2408 Wisconsin Ave.) $4,000 for failing to quickly document a February 13, 2011 incident in which a female patron passed out in the bathroom and couldn’t be awakened. The bar’s security plan requires that a report about each such event be written on the day the event occurs, but the bar did not provide a report to ABRA for more than a month after an investigator first requested it, according to an April 4 ABC Board ruling. “We are not convinced that the [bar] actually created the incident report on February 13, 2011,” the ruling states. Another charge related to the incident was dropped.

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