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An investment group headed by a wine-loving lawyer bought Kitchen 2404 (2404 Wisconsin Ave.) today. The lawyer, Internet privacy and security attorney Elizabeth Banker, plans to turn the Southern-themed eatery into a “casual and comfortable” neighborhood restaurant called Slate Wine Bar & Bistro. The new spot will be “a destination for wine lovers of all levels of knowledge and experience” says Banker, who has put both her legal career and her part-time wine consultancy on hold to devote her full attention to Slate, her first restaurant. Banker is the majority owner of the buyers’ group, called Wine Investment Group LLC. Her partners are current and former work colleagues and members of a wine club she has run for the past four years, she says.

Along with daily wine specials, tasting seminars, and winemaker’s dinners, Slate will feature cheese plates, charcuterie, a rotating seasonal menu, and daily and weekly food specials made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Banker says. General manager Mark Krieger, a veteran of Chef Geoff’s (3201 New Mexico Ave.), is “developing the menu with the advice of various chefs,” Banker adds. “The food will be American, drawing on various global influences and flavors, since our wines will be from around the world.”

The ownership group plans to redecorate the restaurant, which is temporarily closed. Details of the new decor have not been finalized, but judging from Banker’s “Wine Bar Inspiration” Pinterest page, the look will likely be a blend of farmhouse-rustic and sleek contemporary.

The Kitchen 2404 business comes with a full-service (CR) liquor license, one of 14 allowed under Glover Park’s license moratorium. Two new CR licenses became available April 17 when the moratorium was extended. One of the new licenses seems certain to go to Sprig & Sprout, a Vietnamese restaurant coming to 2317 Wisconsin Ave. in the fall. The other new license had not been applied for as of yesterday, according to a spokesman for the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration.

Slate is expected to open sometime next month. For updates on its progress, you can visit its website“like” it on Facebook, or follow its Twitter feed.

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Kitchen (2404 Wisconsin Ave.) will host a tasting of summer beers from Magic Hat Brewing Company paired with the restaurant’s own charbroiled chicken wings on Tuesday, June 5 from 5 to 10 pm. $22 gets you three new beers, three kinds of wings, and info straight from a Magic Hat rep.

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Kitchen (2404 Wisconsin Ave.) will serve Easter brunch on Sunday, April 8, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Old Europe (2434 Wisconsin Ave.) is open this Sunday from noon to 8 p.m., with a special Easter menu featuring asparagus dishes, lamb goulash, and lamb chops. For reservations, call 202-333-7600.

Got a Glover Park Easter special to announce? Leave a reply below or email us at csctips at gmail dot com.

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From the April 2012 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

Kitchen (2404 Wisconsin Ave.) is now open all night on Fridays and Saturdays. The casual Southern-themed restaurant recently launched a late night menu in effect from 11 p.m. until 6 a.m. both nights. Offerings include bacon-and-pimento-cheese sandwiches, chili-slaw burgers, and blueberry flapjacks.

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Kitchen (2404 Wisconsin Ave.) is hosting a “Southern Singles Party” on February 14. The event features $10 draft pitchers and half-price burgers.

Old Europe (2434 Wisconsin Ave.) is serving a special Valentine’s menu February 10 through 19.

Did we miss you? Please let us know. Add your event to the comments or email us at csctips at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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Kitchen (2404 Wisconsin Ave.) will host an open-bar party on New Year’s Eve, featuring snacks and dancing. Tickets cost $60; for information, call 202-333-3877.

UPDATE: As noted in the comments, Glover Parkers can get an $8 discount on the ticket price by using the coupon code “GPNEIGHBORS” at nyekitchen2012.eventbrite.com.

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From the December 2011/January 2012 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

A man charged with threatening a staffer of Kitchen (2404 Wisconsin Ave.) has agreed to a plea deal in the case. X* was escorted from the restaurant on July 24 because he was setting napkins on fire, according to police and court documents. Once outside the bar, he produced a knife and waved it at a staffer, a police report said. On October 26, X agreed to perform 48 hours of community service and stay out of trouble for six months. If he does so, the case against him will be dismissed.

UPDATE: X successfully completed his pre-trial diversion program. On April 26, 2012, his guilty plea was withdrawn and his case was dismissed.

* Name removed 12/16/18

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