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From the September 2011 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

The vacant beige behemoth at 2136 Wisconsin—the former home of an unlicensed party house known as Wisconsin Overlook and The Vixen—has a new owner. On July 29, the property was sold for $2.5 million to “2136 Wisconsin Avenue Venture, LLC,” a company controlled by Seung Lim, according to a spokesman for the seller.

In 2009, the building came to the neighborhood’s attention when its lone resident, X*, held a string of noisy, open-bar parties there. X and other party promoters charged for admission without having secured a license to sell alcohol. In fact, the building was not even supposed to be occupied, because construction on a major renovation begun in 2007 was never completed.

In late 2009, the mortgagee, Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union, foreclosed on the property and took possession of it. X was evicted, and he still faces legal charges stemming from one of the parties—plus a $100 bench warrant for failing to appear at an arraignment in January.

Frank Amantia, an attorney for Mid-Atlantic, says he believes Lim plans to develop the building “in a manner consistent with the original plans filed with the DC government: four apartments above a commercial unit…. I think that Glover Park should be very happy with the results.” Lim could not be reached for comment.

* Name removed 12/16/18

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From the January 2011 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

The party was in 2009, but the hangover continues. More than a year ago, X* was charged with selling alcohol without a license during a networking event at his then-home, the clunky tan apartment house known as The Vixen and Wisconsin Overlook (2136 Wisconsin Ave.). In November, the case against him was dismissed—for the second time. But prosecutors immediately reopened it and added three new charges related to the same incident.

Last January, X pled not-guilty to one charge of unlicensed alcohol sales at one in a string of paid, open-bar parties at the now-vacant property. That case was dismissed last July when the lead prosecutor and a key prosecution witness were both unavailable to appear at trial. The Office of the Attorney General refiled the charges, but the court had trouble finding X to serve a new summons. (After being evicted from the foreclosed property last spring, he moved to Miami, our sources say.)

On November 22, the case against X was again dismissed when prosecutors failed to bring his case file to a court date. But the following week, the case was reopened with a vengeance. In addition to one count of selling alcohol without a license, X now faces charges of operating a business without a license; operating a public hall without a license; and failing to obtain an occupancy permit. X’s arraignment is scheduled for January 19.

UPDATE: After X failed to appear for his January 19 arraignment, the judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

* Name removed 12/16/18

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From the June 2010 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

The erstwhile Vixen (a/k/a Wisconsin Overlook) at 2136 Wisconsin—site of a series of paid, unlicensed open-bar parties last year—is listed for sale at $5 million. Each of its stories is also available for lease at $34.50 per square foot, according to the listing. [A sign posted at the property announces a sealed-bid sale, with bids accepted through June 30.]

The property last sold for $2.4 million to Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union at a foreclosure auction in October 2009. At the time, tenant (and party host) X* was still in residence and fighting for possession of the building. After losing a court battle, he moved away.

X will be back in town on July 13, though. That’s the date of his trial for selling alcohol without a license at a party last September. X faces a penalty of up to one year in jail plus a $1,000 fine.

* Name removed 12/14/18

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From the April 2010 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

Pour beer out for The Vixen. In early March, tenant X* vacated 2136 Wisconsin, a.k.a. “The Vixen” and “Wisconsin Overlook.” For at least a year, X had used the boxy tan building as an unlicensed party house, a private fashion showroom, and—we have recently learned—the headquarters of a nascent clothing company called “Authentic, Original Gear.” [Link displays Google maps results for the address, cached on January 2, 2010.]

After a foreclosure last October, X tried to prevent the building’s new owner, Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union, from taking possession of the property. At a March 1 hearing, he testified that he had planned to use the still-unfinished building as a bed-and-breakfast.

Evidence presented at the hearing included two leases X had signed with the building’s former owner—a bankrupt corporation called 2136 Wisconsin LLC—as well as a May 2009 offer from X to purchase the building from the former owner for $2.4 million. But the judge was unconvinced that X had any legitimate claim against the building’s current owner, which won full rights to the property. Among other deciding factors, the former owner was not legally entitled to lease the property, and X does not seem to have paid any rent.

“It is clear to the Court that Mr. X was trying to ‘do business’ without any real appreciation for the legal requirements that apply,” wrote Judge Joan Zeldon in her memorandum and order. “He may or may not be a good businessman. He definitely has an entrepreneurial spirit.”

In a separate court case, X has pled not-guilty to selling alcohol without a license during a party last September. There is a status hearing in that case on April 12. X did not respond to an emailed request for comment.

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* Name removed 12/15/18

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