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Keep an eye on your belongings when you’re out and about. Thieves have been making off with unguarded valuables lately. Some examples from recent police reports:
• On February 8, a shopper left her purse unattended in a cart in the parking garage at Safeway (1855 Wisconsin Ave.). She later discovered that she was missing $300 in cash, several credit cards, and a New Jersey driver’s license.
• On January 28, a shopper left her purse unattended in a cart at Whole Foods (2323 Wisconsin Ave.). A “suspicious female” in her 60s tried to take the cart and then apologized. Shortly afterward, the shopper discovered that her wallet was missing.
• On February 7, a driver stopped to fuel her Nissan SUV at the Washingtonian Gas Station (2450 Wisconsin Ave.). A black Hyundai with tinted windows and temporary tags pulled up next to her, and a man got out, opened her SUV’s rear door, and stole a leather bag containing a wallet, a sweater, a Pennsylvania driver’s license, and $15 in coins. The Hyundai then fled southbound on 37th Street.
• On February 12, a man at Georgetown Plaza (2233 Wisconsin Ave.), left his wallet and iPhone in an unlocked locker before taking a class. When he returned, he noticed the items were gone. Someone later tried to use one of his credit cards to charge $250 at a Safeway in Arlington, Virginia.
• On January 12, a woman at CorePower Yoga (2233 Wisconsin Ave.) found that her silver necklace, black leather boots, and iPhone had been stolen from a community storage area while she took a yoga class.

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From the September 2011 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

We got pickpockets. On July 12, a shopper at Whole Foods (2323 Wisconsin Ave.) reported her wallet missing from her purse, though she didn’t know whether it had been stolen in the grocery store or at her office in Georgetown Plaza (2233 Wisconsin Ave.). Then, on July 20, a patron at Kitchen reported that her pocketbook had been stolen by someone there. And at Surfside (2444 Wisconsin Ave.) on July 21, a patron reported that her wallet had been stolen out of her purse after she left it unattended to go collect her food.

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From recent police incident reports (all names are made up):

May 18, between 9:45 and 10:50 a.m.
2121 Wisconsin Avenue
Theft from auto

Fiona parked her 2005 Honda Pilot in front of the CW building. When she returned about an hour later, her passenger-side window had been smashed, and her driver’s license and three credit cards were gone.

May 20, between 11:30 a.m. and noon
June 21, between 9 and 10 a.m.
2323 Wisconsin Avenue

Midge left her purse in her shopping cart at Whole Foods at 2323 Wisconsin and later discovered her wallet missing. A month later, Raquel had the same experience. The victims were from Cleveland Park and Georgetown, respectively, which makes sense: regular readers of the Glover Park Gazette know to keep their purses zipped and within sight at Whole Foods.

June 12, 3 a.m.
2400 block of Wisconsin Avenue

Tony and Frank were walking south on Wisconsin below Calvert Street when they saw three men sitting on a bench. Tony said “What’s up” to the men, and they got up and punched him until he fell to the ground. Then they ran off, and Frank took Tony home. Tony “thought nothing of the assault,” according to a police report he filed the following week. Frank also told police he “saw no reason” to notify them of the incident at the time. (Photo via DESI Comments.)

June 14, between 8:30 a.m. and 7 p.m.
2233 Wisconsin Avenue
Stolen scooter

Natasha parked her 2009 Agility 125 scooter outside Georgetown Plaza, secured to a street sign with a U-style bike lock. When she went to retrieve it that evening, it was gone.

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We vote for sporting goodsFrom the October 2009 Glover Park Gazette:

We recently got new insight into why the Fan Fair and Vespa spaces at 2233 Wisconsin are still vacant after nearly a year. This summer, an established D.C. business had been curious about the adjacent storefronts, which can be combined into one. They placed “three or four” calls to the phone number printed on “for rent” placards in the windows, and never heard back. The business’s representative spoke on condition of anonymity.

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