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From the November 2010 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

An owner of the new building at 2412 Wisconsin Avenue has finally confirmed that the former site of JP’s Night Club will likely be a strip club once again. Demetra Green, a member of the family group that owns the building, tells us that “JP’s is choosing to continue its lease, which was interrupted by the fire” that destroyed the previous building in early 2008.

But JP’s owner Michael Papanicolas has not signed a lease, according to his attorney, James Charles. Instead, Papanicolas signed a contract to sell the dormant business back in March, and it is his would-be buyer who has been negotiating with the landlords for a lease—so far, without success, Charles says.

Why the discrepancy over who wants a lease? Maybe because the club’s liquor license is currently up for renewal. Although Papanicolas might prefer to see his sale go through immediately, the buyer and the landlord would apparently rather wait until after the 45-day protest period expires and the license is safely renewed for two years.

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