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From the December 2009 Glover Park Gazette:

More than two years after restaurateur Bo Blair’s The Deck, an outdoor hotspot at the Savoy Suites Hotel at 2505 Wisconsin, was abruptly shut due to noise complaints, the bar’s original manager/partner, Bo Blair, announced the return of The Deck atop Surfside at 2444 Wisconsin, which he co-owns. (The Savoy did have an outdoor bar eatery this past summer, but without the rowdy prepsters who had been drawn to the old Deck by then-promoter then-manager/partner Fritz Brogan, who is now a partner in Kitchen at 2404 Wisconsin and Gin & Tonic at 2408 Wisconsin.)

Advertised as “The Deck at Surfside,” the rooftop bar is open Thursday through Saturday from 5:30 pm until closing, and is fully tented and heated. We wanted to ask Blair how he intends to keep the noise down at Deck 2.0, but he did not return our calls for comment.

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