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From the April 2012 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

The owners of 2412 Wisconsin Ave., the former site of JP’s Night Club, are in lease negotiations with a prospective tenant for the long-vacant property, according to Barbara Alafoginis, who is both the leasing realtor and a member of the family group that owns the building. Alafoginis says she’s “not at liberty” to reveal the identity of the would-be tenant, though.

It’s hard to figure out what this means. JP’s has been closed since its original building was destroyed in a January, 2008 fire. Last year, the strip club signed a lease to return to the reconstructed property, but that deal apparently fell through, and the building was later listed for lease by an agency that specializes in restaurant clientele.

Now, that agency is out, and Alafoginis has become the leasing agent. (She’s also the listing agent on the building, which is for sale.) Meanwhile, the JP’s liquor license—which can only be used at 2412 Wisconsin Ave.—is in the hands of a mysterious new owner named Brian Petruska, who provided a nonworking telephone number to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and whose attorney, representative, Andrew Kline of the Veritas law firm, won’t return our calls even to say “no comment.” Hmph. (UPDATE: A tipster points out that Kline’s license to practice law in the District is currently suspended for violating “numerous Rules of Professional Conduct,” including forging a client’s signature, commingling funds, and deceiving a client about a case.)

The best we can say is that something is up. Given the rarity and high price of liquor licenses that allow nude dancing in the District, it seems at least possible that JP’s is angling for a comeback.

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