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For Profit, a stage play by and starring Ohio actor Aaron Calafato, will be performed at Mason Inn (2408 Wisconsin Ave.) on Friday, May 11, at 6 p.m. The play—a dramatic monologue in the style of Mike Daisey or the late Spalding Gray—is based on Calafato’s troubling experiences as a recruiter for a for-profit university.

In the sales job, Calafato was pressured to enroll “poorly prepared students for expensive degree programs that would leave them heavily in debt, all so he could make sure he himself had money he needed to keep paying off his own student loans,” writes the Chronicle of Higher Education. The play examines the morality of for-profit higher education. “Profit is great,” Calafato told the Chronicle. But “I’m trying to talk about a message: For-profit at what cost?”

Tickets for the play, which cost $13.59 each, are available online at forprofit-srch.eventbrite.com.

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