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When Z-Burger opened at 2414 Wisconsin Ave. in late 2008, it was without the local chain’s famed hand-spun milkshakes and malts. At the time, Max’s Best Homemade Ice Cream was offering shakes at 2416 Wisconsin Ave., and the owners of Z-Burger (as well as the owner of Rocklands Barbeque at 2418 Wisconsin Ave.) declined to offer desserts, in deference to longtime ice-cream shop owner Max Keshani.

Now that Max’s has closed (and Rocklands is in the process of expanding into the former Max’s space), Z-Burger has brought its 75 flavors to Glover Park. On the menu are a mind-spinning array of milkshake options, including Snickers, pomegranate, maple walnut, blueberry cheesecake, and “frozen hot chocolate.” Shakes cost $4.75 each.

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From the April 2014 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

A 28-year-old man was mugged on the sidewalk in front of Z-Burger (2414 Wisconsin Ave.) at about 1:20 a.m. on Thursday, February 20, according to a police report. A stranger hit the victim in the face, knocking him unconscious, and stole his wallet and passport, the man later told police. The victim, who suffered facial bruises, did not see his assailant, and no suspect was named in the report.


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Happy Small Business Saturday! As a reminder, Glover Park Citizens’ Association members get discounts at several local merchants. Here are the current deals, per the GPCA website (double-check with merchant before ordering):

Bourbon (2348 Wisconsin Ave.): 10% off your meal
Capitol Termite & Pest Control (5455 Butler Road, Bethesda): 10% off
Heritage India (2400 Wisconsin Ave.): 10% off weekend brunch
Penske Truck Rental, Bethesda, 301-951-0437: 10% off
Sargent Cleaners (2420 Wisconsin Ave.): 10% off dry cleaning
Whole Foods (2323 Wisconsin Ave.): $2 admission to Winesday events (regular price is $5)
Z Burger (2414 Wisconsin Ave.): 10% off

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The owner of Max’s Best Ice Cream (2416 Wisconsin Ave.) received verbal notice last fall that his lease would not be renewed, says Raymond Ruppert, Jr. president of the Ruppert Real Estate property management firm. The reason: “Basically, Rocklands wants to expand, and they’re an older tenant.”

News of the beloved ice cream parlor’s lost lease shocked two Glover Park Yahoo newsgroups on Saturday. One poster wrote that owner Max Keshani had told her he thought he’d be negotiating with the landlord over a proposed 33-percent rent increase, but instead received a notice to move out by June 30.

Ruppert, however, says there was never any offer of a raised rent from the landlords’ side. The talk was “only on his part; he asked if that were a possibility.”

The Max’s Ice Cream building is one of three in a row owned by local sisters Barbara and Gail Bassin. According to DC land records, the two women received the building from their mother, Ruth Bassin, last year, along with 2418 Wisconsin Ave., which houses Rocklands, and 2414 Wisconsin Ave., which houses Z-Burger.

Asked whether the change in ownership from mother to daughters might have caused a change in how the property is managed, Ruppert said, “The daughters are more pro-business at this point.”

Rocklands owner John Snedden and Building co-owner Barbara Bassin have has not responded to multiple requests for comment. Max Keshani could not immediately be reached for comment.

UPDATE: Rocklands owner John Snedden called us back. He says that he has never made a secret of his interest in expanding, if the Max’s building ever came available, but he made no special push to oust the ice cream shop. Rather, the property manager came to him this spring and asked if he were still interested in the space. “I said absolutely,” Snedden says. “I’ve been saying that for 22 years.”

Until this weekend, Snedden was not aware that Max’s was not closing voluntarily. “I thought he was retiring,” he says. “I would love for Max to continue to be our neighbor.”

UPDATE 2: Rocklands has now published a blog post and issued a press release on the expansion.

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From the September 2012 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

On July 29 around 2 a.m., M. M. and P. L. got into a fistfight in front of Z-Burger (2414 Wisconsin Ave.), according to police records. A nearby police officer separated the men. One of the men—it’s not clear which—told the officer that the other had spilled a drink over him. The purported spiller told the officer he didn’t remember spilling a drink on anybody. Both men were arrested for “disorderly affray,” but a search of D.C. court records did not reveal charges filed under either man’s name. The arrests may have led to citations—which are similar to traffic tickets—rather than arraignments, according to a spokeswoman for the courts.

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Z-Burger (2414 Wisconsin) is advertising on Craigslist for a female cashier. The catch? You’d have to do the job prior to 1964, when it became illegal for employers to discriminate based on sex. On the plus side, food service uniforms were pretty cute back then.

Here’s the ad:

Female Cashier for Z-Burger at Tenleytown and Glover Park washington DC (NorthWest DC)

Date: 2010-09-27, 12:00PM EDT

Reply to: gigs-vwavn-1975977312@craigslist.org

Currently, we’re looking for a female cashier at our Tenleytown store and Glover Park

The schedule will be fixed and you can work part time or full time. This job would be a great opportunity for student who’re looking for a temporary job.

You’re responsibly will be the cash register and making sure that everything is fine in Lobby. If you be interested you can also work in other sections too and make extra money.

You can either come and stop by at our Tenleytown store. The address is 4321 wisconsin ave NW washington DC. You can also call the restaurant at 202-966-1999 to make sure that I be here

When you come here ask for Meghdad

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