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Roam Fitness at the Savoy Suites Hotel (2505 Wisconsin Ave.) is offering a free pass today (January 21, 2014) for Glover Park residents, according to a posting on the Glover Park Yahoo newsgroup. “Work out for free then head to the on-site restaurant for coffee,” the post states. “Free WIFI, too!” For more information call 202-813-9555 or email chris.wascak@roamfitnessdc.com.

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From the May 2013 edition of the Glover Park Gazette:

Last month we reported that the Tennis Zone building (2319
Wisconsin Ave.) was seeking a retail tenant. But that doesn’t mean the
tennis store is leaving, says Remy Esquenet, who bought the property
in January for $1.2 million. (If Esquenet’s name sounds familiar, it
might be because he also owns 2317 Wisconsin Ave., the home of Sprig
& Sprout.) Esquenet hopes to expand the building to accommodate a
second tenant. Tennis Zone “may stay where they are,” Esquenet tells
us. “They may move up to the second floor.”

Esquenet provided architectural sketches of front and side views for a potential expansion.

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515e43e8e4b0daad6e7c6a5eBalance Gym co-founder Graham King has a new venture at the Savoy Suites Hotel (2505 Wisconsin Ave.): Roam Fitness, an indoor/outdoor training gym. “Our motto, Fitness Without Boundaries, stems from the belief that health and wellness should not be confined to the four walls of a gym,” King tells us. “Our signature program ‘OutRun’ gets people out of the gym and into DC’s open spaces like Rock Creek Park, the Tow Path, Roosevelt Island, etc. We never take the same route, and we incorporate the obstacles we find along the way into the workout. For example, in a 4-mile run we will stop along the way for pushups, pullups, squats…and stump jumping.” Inside the hotel, a new gym facility features free weights and cardio machines as well as functional fitness equipment such as sandbags, hurdles, kettlebells, and gymnastic rings, King says.

Monthly gym memberships start at $50, and individual classes cost $25 each. But Roam Fitness is currently offering free trial memberships that last through the end of May and include unlimited classes. To sign up, click here.

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The home of Glover Park Hardware and the Washington Sports Club will be renovated, and an additional building with 81 dwelling units will be constructed on the property, according to a report in the Washington Business Journal. The project at 2251 Wisconsin Ave. has garnered $39 million in financing. More details as they develop.

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Mayfair & Pine (2218 Wisconsin Ave.) has announced “Soccer Saturday”: a full English breakfast available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays only, with Premier League soccer on three big-screen TVs starting at 10 a.m. The $9 meal includes eggs, Irish bangers, fried mushrooms, and streaky bacon; throw in an extra $2 for bottomless Tetley tea.

Tottenham Hotspur fans, be warned: chef Emily Sprissler is a lifelong supporter of  Arsenal.

UPDATE: Mayfair & Pine is now open for breakfast—including French toast, buttermilk pancakes, or their full English breakfast—both Saturdays and Sundays starting at 7:30 a.m.

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Until the end of 2012, you can pay $59 at BodySmith (2200 Wisconsin Ave.) and get a one-month pass for as many yoga classes as you can handle. If you’d just like to dip your toe in the water, the gym is also currently offering another special: 10 days of classes for $10. BodySmith’s regular rate for unlimited classes is $99 per month. For more information, call 202-333-7703 or email gloverpark@bodysmithdc.com.

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Until Monday, May 21, Balance Gym (2121 Wisconsin Ave.) is offering two online deals: a $25 coupon good for five boot camp sessions or a $59 coupon good for a two-month gym membership. The membership comes with the option to continue month-to-month at $69, which is $10 lower than the gym’s advertised rate.

A third deal, on Crossfit classes, is offered for Balance’s non-Glover Park locations. All the coupons must be redeemed by August 14.

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